Working conventions at Rio Muni Chamber of Commerce

On 3rd April, a cooperation and drafting meeting took place at the Rio Muni Chamber of Commerce to establish trade contacts between agricultural groups, between the delegations from India and Equatorial Guinea.

The meeting was led by the Minister fro Agriculture, Livestock and Food, Nicolas Hountondji Akapo, accompanied by the Secretary of State, Pedro Oliveira Borupu. Also present were the president of the Rio Muni Chamber of Commerce, Severino Ondo Nguema, and entrepreneurs from the Indian delegation.

The Government member referred to the new programme that the ministry intends to set up for the 2018 economic period and the next few years, which will be based on production, the manufacture of agricultural machinery, and agricultural commerce.

The Secretary of State from India, P. K. Swain, in the name of his delegation, outlined the plan of action that the Indian people have entered into with entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector in the continental part of Equatorial Guinea.

After the meeting, they visited the chamber’s exhibition laboratory for chemical products.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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