Working meetings of the ANGE 2020 in Germany

A delegation of the National Agency Equatorial Guinea 2020 (ANGE 2020), led by Nicolas Fernando Okiri Abaha Ayingono, Director General, and composed of Jose Luis Nguema Ema Etoho Alene, computer technician, traveled to Germany last February, in order to hold meetings with various German universities interested in establishing exchange programs for students and professionals and companies that want to invest in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

This delegation met with the president of the University of Applied Sciences, Michaela Zilling; with Franz Egle, from the University of Applied Management Studies, and the CEO of the University of Corporate Education. In the meetings, the mission of the ANGE 2020 collected information on the programs and experience of each university in the areas of cultural exchange, science and new information technologies and communication. The heads of all the universities visited expressed their willingness to continue talking to the Equatorial Guinean authorities to reach an agreement on cultural exchange.

The Director General of the ANGE 2020, in his speech, pointed out that human capital is one of the foundations of the National Plan for Economic and Social Development Equatorial Guinea 2020, and also highlighted the objectives of this plan: diversify sources of growth of the economy, and improve the welfare of every citizen. Therefore, to achieve the two objectives, the Central Government has set as a priority to provide the workforce access to new knowledge and employment.

During meetings with German companies, each company submitted to the delegation of the agency a report of its history and activity and all expressed interest in a visit to Equatorial Guinea, to explore investment opportunities offered by its economy, and then formulate a proposal based on identified needs. The mission took the opportunity to announce that the Government’s priority is for Equatorial Guinea to be an emerging country on Horizon 2020, with four sectors as pillars for creating development: agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, energy and services (tourism and finance).

Finally, delegates also met with the president of the EJAG Foundation (European Foundation of Young Academics), which last year awarded the prestigious “Bambini Award” to the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for his support of youth, as well as for his foreign, economic and social policy aimed at intercultural exchange between European and Equatorial Guinean citizens. As a result of the meeting held, the parties produced a memorandum of understanding to establish cooperation in agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, energy, tourism and financial services.

Source: ANGE 2020

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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