Working session at Ge-Proyectos

On 19th February, the Vice-President of Ge-Proyectos, Alejandro Micha Nsue, held a coordination and information meeting with the heads and representatives of all the construction companies that are carrying out work in the urban districts of Rio-Muni.

The aim was to explain the conclusions from the tour carried out over fourteen days through the urban districts of the Continental Region.

According to the analysis by the technical team, on some of the sites visited they found some of the construction work in perfect condition. The vice-president asked some of the companies to show responsibility in finishing their work, in compliance with the established deadlines.

Taking advantage of his stay in the continental area of the country, Alejandro Micha Nsue also visited some of the other works by government delegations.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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