Working session at Ministry for Transport

At this first executive council meeting of 2018, held at the Ministry for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, and overseen by the minister, Eucario Bacale Angue, they covered around eight main points regarding the functioning of the department and the attainment of information by the new board.

At the council meeting they analysed the tasks of the previous board of directors, and the validation of various points regarding the agenda. The act took place on 6th March.

They also dealt with other matters, such as the proposal to delegate functions of the new ministry to members of the Government and heads of areas within the ministry; the presentation of organigrams and action plans for the director generals, autonomous bodied under to ministry and the General Secretary, and the report on the upcoming Meeting of CPLP Telecommunications Ministers, which will be held in Malabo from 2nd to 4th June.

The provisions of the merchant navy sector, approved at the Executive Council meeting of 29th January; information on the GECOTEL situation; the report on the entity of maritime shippers; the report on the reactivation of the Maritime Security Committee; the report on the implementation of the PBIP Code in the national ports of Malabo and Bata, and the Government’s efforts to sign the convention with the OMI and preparatory questions for the audit of the organisation, were some of the other matters looked at.

At the session, which was attended by the Deputy Minister, Joaquin Elema Borengue, they also looked at the operations of autonomous bodies overseen by the ministry, such as the Management of Equatorial Guinea Telecommunications Infrastructures (GITGE), and the Equatorial Guinea Telecommunications Regulatory Body (ORTEL).

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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