Working session for Executive Board at Ministry for Information, Press and Radio

The meeting took place in the meeting room at Equatorial Guinea Television (TVGE), with a backdrop of the extension of appointments of the new chiefs at the heart of the state broadcaster, and preparations for the 50th Anniversary of National Independence, among other questions.

The agenda was read by the Departmental General Secretary, Santos Oba Obama, and covered two main points, which were the extension of documents accrediting the new chiefs of the Equatorial Guinea Radio and Television broadcasters in various provincial capitals, and at the headquarters of the institution in Malabo, and matters relating to the preparations for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Independence of Equatorial Guinea, among other matters.

The appointees, all professionals from the institution, such as Eulogio Bang Ndong and Jesus Alfonso MaAana, the two director and deputy director of TVGE; Marcos Evita Nantago, director of the La Voz del Sur broadcaster, Teodoro Eze Nkua, director of Ecos de Wele Nzas, and Ruben Amancio Mituy, who will be in charge of La Voz de Kie Ntem; thanked the gesture by the Government, which was handled by the head of Department, Eugenio Nze Obiang.

The minister Nze Obiang praised the new appointees and called on them to redouble their efforts in order to continue to improve the work in the sections they are to manage during their mandates. The Minister for Information, Press and Radio took the opportunity to pass on to those present the praise received by the media for the positive progress and work that has been done over recent years.

At the same meeting, the executive board looked at projects relating to the media coverage for before, during and after the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Independence for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and it was revealed that over 90% of the work was in place for subsequent execution, such as radio slots, television reports and ads, etc.

Another of the appointees was Diosdado Ondo Nzang, named as Legal Adviser to the Ministry for Information, Press and Radio.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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