Workshop on protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage

The Director General for Culture and Craft Promotion, Lorenzo A�lvaro, began this workshop with a presentation of its aims to understand the history of World Heritage and the need for Equatorial Guinea to be on the list.

Firstly there was a presentation by the Coordinator of the UNESCO Cultural Antenna in Malabo, Ellen Lekka, on the “Convention of World Heritage and the nomination processes”.

After the presentation, there was a round table, at which each ministry and institution contributed based on experience in relation to the implementation of the World Heritage Convention.

Places were mentioned that could be added to the list: la Caldera de Luba, el Monte Alen, la Iglesia de Batete.

Various officials from the ministries have identified the need to create a protection policy for these places and raise awareness among the population.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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