XCMG Awarded with National Science and Technology Progress Award after Winning the Red Dot Award for Design Concept

XUZHOU, China, Jan. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire — XCMG has won a second prize at the 2015 National Science and Technology Progress Award hosted on January 8 in Beijing for the company’s key technology and application of mobile lifting and rigging equipment for large scale construction projects.

The 2015 National Science and Technology Progress Award was given to projects in areas from major construction projects to medical science, agriculture and pharmaceutical. This year’s recipients included China Railway, Huawei and ZTE.

As the only winning project in construction machinery, XCMG has revolutionized the traditional lifting operations that involve heavy equipment with high risks by researching and developing new mobile and integrated lifting and rigging equipment with super tonnage, high efficiency and reliability.

“We are seeing a growing demand for large and mega-sized construction machines from the market, and it’s a big challenge internationally to achieve the cutting-edge integration, modularization and intellectualization of pre-engineered construction,” said Chen Xiangdong, XCMG Project Manager, “in the past five years, our research teams have designed machinery and equipment in accordance with our customers’ practical needs through consulting with the clients and have developed large-scaled mobile hoisting equipment sets to modify and change the traditional lifting operations substantially and push forward the technical progress in the industry.”

For example, XGC88000 crawler crane, which has achieved maximum lifting capacity of 88,000 tons/meter and hoisting load of 3,600 tons, can shorten the construction period significantly from four to six months down to a few hours while guaranteeing both the quality and safety of the construction.

XCMG is leading the construction and mining equipment industry with high-end construction machinery technology and products while also exploring new designs that focus on environmental preservation and renewable resources. In October, 2015, XCMG Research Institute won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Design Concept with the innovative design of a powder engine, an environmental friendly concept that utilizes waste products and renewable resources, burning powder completely and only producing carbon dioxide and water during the combustion process.

“XCMG’s strong research and development ability is the key to our global success as a leader in construction machinery, it’s also our responsibility to support advanced ideas that are essential to building a better future,” Wang Min, president of XCMG, said.

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