African summit outlines new funding architecture

African countries are to outline, this Tuesday, in Nairobi, Kenya, a new climate finance architecture, after defaults by industrialized countries.

In the high-level segment of the African Climate Summit, which brings together Heads of State and Government, the African Union, among other partners, countries will create the conditions of the “Global Climate Agenda”.

In this session, in which some Heads of State and Government will speak, including Angola, the Declaration of Nairobi will be adopted, as well as high-level ones from Member States and guests.

The summary and route from Nairobi to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate-COP28, scheduled for December this year, will also be presented in this session.

The issue of promoting the blue economy, green minerals and manufacturing, transforming Africa’s food systems, expanding Africa’s adaptation, renewable energy and transition are other points to be reviewed in this high-level segment.

Under the motto “Driving Green Growth and Climate Finance Solutions for Africa and the World”, the Summit focuses on presenting innovative green growth and climate financing solutions in Africa and the world.

The forum will take place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), where a mini-summit is already taking place, bringing together technicians from several countries, including Angola.

Source: Angola Press News Agency