NPP congratulates Daniel Machator on his approval as Oti Regional Minister

The leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Oti Region has congratulated Mr Daniel Machator, a Deputy Superintendent of Prisons (Rtd), on his approval as the Oti Regional Minister, pending his swearing-in by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

The confirmation on Friday comes months after his nomination by the President and vetting by Parliament.

Mr Akpabeh Jonathan Manu, the Oti Regional Secretary of the Party, in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency, said the confirmation was a testament to Mr Machator’s dedication to public service and commitment to the development of the Oti Region.

‘With your wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors, we are confident that you will lead the region to greater heights,’ he said.

‘As Regional Minister, you will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of government policies and programmes in the Oti Region. You will also be tasked with fostering economic development, improving infrastructure, and promoting social cohesion.’

Mr Manu sa
id the Party was impressed with the Minister’s track record of working collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve common goals, adding that such skills would be invaluable in addressing challenges, unlocking potentials, and bringing transformation to the region.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Corrupt appointees during my administration will be held accountable – Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama, Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has pledged to lead a new charge in the fight against corruption if re-elected as President.

The new approach, he said, involved holding not only ‘corrupt officials’ under the previous administration accountable but also appointees of his next administration who indulged in corrupt activities.

‘The norm has been that it is only the past governments that you hold accountable for any act of corruption, but we will ensure that those in our government who also indulged in corruption will be held accountable, and so we won’t go witch-hunting the past government,’ he said.

‘If people have been involved in malfeasance they must be held to account and if people in our administration also follow the same path they must also be held to account. It is only that way we will be able to get a hand-on on the canker of corruption.’

Mr Mahama said this when he met with members of the Christian Ecumenical Councils in Accra on Monday
, as part of his ‘Building the Ghana We Want’ engagements.

The Christian Ecumenical Councils include the Christian Council of Ghana, Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, and the National Council of Charismatic and Christian Churches.

He said corruption had eaten deep into Ghana’s fabrics and affected its development, which had been normalised because people who engaged in the act got shielded and protected by those in authority.

As a result the impact of many cases of financial malfeasance like stealing, causing financial loss, awarding sole source contracts, as well as uncompleted funded projects had become the norm than the exemption.

To tackle the canker, Mr Mahama said the next NDC government would set a new standard in the fight against corruption, including holding corrupt appointees under his administration accountable.

‘I make a firm promise to you my Christian fathers that the administration that I will lead will set a new standard in the fight against corruption,’ he said.

‘We will fight
the canker of corruption and defeat it. We will retrieve stolen monies and hold people accountable, but we are not going to pursue regime accountability.’

Mr Mahama pledged strong collaboration with the church in all aspects of the economy notably in education, health and economy, to deliver better services to Ghanaians.

On education, for instance, the former President promised to get the churches more involved in the management of schools to ensure effective running of their operations.

History had indicated that schools established and managed by the churches performed better, hence the church and the state must work together to achieve quality education for all, he said.

‘In the interim, we are proposing that in future, we increase the influence of churches in the management of the schools and so one of the areas we are looking at is to ensure that the chairman of the governing board of the school is a member of the church that established the school,’ he indicated.

On health, Mr Mahama said the next
NDC administration would give more support to mission-run hospitals, including expanding their infrastructure to enable them to operate effectively and efficiently.

To ensure the churches were involved in the economy, the former President said his next administration would support them to invest in the economy in areas such as garments and textile, agriculture and agribusiness to create jobs to address the growing youth unemployment rate.

He called on the clergy to speak up against any action that had the tendency to create unrest in the 2024 election.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, the General Overseer, United Denominations of Action Chapel International, in an interview with the media on the sidelines of the meeting, advised the youth to vote by ‘conscience and convictions and not by emotions,’ to maintain the peace.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Election 2024: Politics must not divide us – Tain NCCE

The National Commission for Civic Education says politics must rally the populace for rapid socioeconomic development and not divide them.

Addressing congregants at the Church of Pentecost at Yabraso in the Bono region, the Tain District Director of the Commission, Mr. Osman Seidu urged the citizenry to live peaceably with one another irrespective of political affiliations.

The engagement forms part of the NCCE’s ongoing nationwide 2024 Annual Constitution Week celebration activities.

Speaking under the theme, ‘Together We Can Build Ghana, So Get Involved’, Mr. Osman passionately appealed to Ghanaians to at all times put national interest above the interest of their political parties.

Mr Osman asked all stakeholders such as the security agencies, the Electoral Commission, political actors and the media to play their roles professionally in building trust and confidence in the electorate ahead of the December polls.

The NCCE District Director said Article 42 of the 1992 constitution stated that every citi
zen of Ghana of eighteen (18) years of age or above and of sound mind had the right to vote and must be registered as a voter for the purposes of public elections and referenda.

He, therefore, encouraged persons eighteen years and above to actively take part in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise.

The Director cautioned those below eighteen years and non-citizens against participating in the registration exercise.

Similar engagements were undertaken with members of the Church of Pentecost, Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church, all of Tainso and Methodist Church at Attakrom as well as members of the Hairdressers and Beauticians Association at Nsawkaw.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Election 2024: EC must ensure integrity of electoral processes- Sam Ankrah

Dr. Sam Ankrah, an independent candidate for the 2024 presidential election, has urged the Electoral Commission (EC) to ensure the integrity of the electoral processes ahead of the December polls.

He called for a seamless and effective registration procedure to win the trust and confidence of all stakeholders.

Dr Ankrah observed that the registration procedure had encountered difficulties, including equipment malfunctions, leading to lengthy waits, causing public frustration and doubts about the authenticity of the exercise.

He urged the Electoral Commission to swiftly resolve those shortcomings and establish measures to prevent their recurrence in future elections.

Dr Ankrah emphasised the need for transparency and accountability in the electoral process, encouraging the Electoral Commission to be receptive and responsive to public criticism and concerns.

He urged all stakeholders, including political parties, civil society organisations, and the media, to closely monitor the registration process and en
sure its fairness and transparency.

Dr Ankrah urged first-time voters to take advantage of the registration exercise and participate in the December polls.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Akrofuom District Assembly provides furniture to schools

The Akrofuom District Assembly in partnership with the Member of Parliament for the area, Mr Alex Blankson, has donated 400 dual desks to the district education directorate.

The gesture was part of efforts by the assembly and the MP to help bridge the furniture gap in schools and reduce the inadequate desks which was affecting school attendance in the district.

The lack of adequate furniture for basic schools in the district had been a major challenge to education authorities in the area.

Dr Maurice Woode, the District Chief Executive, speaking at the ceremony, said the Assembly was very much aware of the challenges that the directorate was facing, and all efforts were being made to address them.

Some of the challenges were accommodation, logistics, education materials, teaching and learning aids, infrastructure, motivation and others.

He said plans were advanced to cut the sod for the construction of a new classroom block at Nyamebekyere in the Sikaman electoral area of the district.

This would add up
to 16 the total number of schools that had been built from the scratch by the Assembly since it was created six years ago.

Mr Blankson, the MP on his part, called for proper maintenance culture on the part of teachers and pupils who would be beneficiaries of the desks.

He said proper maintenance would enable the authorities to channel resources to other needs of the directorate.

He appealed to parents to prioritise the education of their children by providing their basic needs.

The MP said he would work to ensure that all children of school going age got smooth transition from Junior High School to the Senior Secondary schools.

Mr Jacob Anakpo, District Director of Education, who received the items thanked the assembly for the support and said the desks would be sent to schools that needed urgent attention in terms of furniture.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Banu paramountcy appeals for electricity connectivity

Pio Alhaji Yakubu Sumaila Chirsiru, the paramount Chief of the Banu Traditional Area in the Sissala East Municipality has appealed for electricity extension to all communities in the area.

He said only six out of the 14 communities in the Banu paramountcy had been connected to the national grid, which was a worry.

Pio Chirsiru made the appeal when Mr Stephen Yakubu, the Upper West regional minister visited the Banu paramountcy as part of his regional tours to introduce himself to the chiefs and people.

Pio Chirsiru said the communities had the right to be connected to national grid since they were part of Ghana’s governance system contributing to the country’s development.

He explained that without electricity, the area would continue to remain deprived with development eluding them, hence the reason they must not be neglected.

He also identified the lack of access roads from Kunchokor- Kwapun, Kwapun – Wuru, Tanla – Nitalu and Tangvielle, which need urgent attention.

Other poor roads he mentioned inclu
ded Pido- Wuru as well as Kassana- Tangvielli – Konsola and Katinia.

‘We have serious water challenges here because there are fewer boreholes to serve communities that have a population more than the water source and this is affecting community cohesion,’ the Chief bemoaned

He added that several communities lie on the borderline but had no access to communication networks and appealed for telecommunication networks for the communities in the area.

He stressed the importance of the completion of a security post under construction at Ban, which started almost four years ago.

Some inhabitants of Tanla, Nitalu and Tengvielli expressed worry about the poor conditions in the area and appealed for support.

They said, ‘We live in darkness every night, even flour for our meals, we have to take it to other communities to mill, during the hot season, we developed strange skin rashes and snake bites are usually common.’

Mr Musah Kwarasey an indigene said teachers and other workers don’t sleep in the community becau
se of the absence of electricity and that they spend about GHS6.00 every day travelling to nearby communities with lights to charge their phones. Mr Stephen Yakubu assured the people that the challenges were problems the government of the NPP had always tried to resolve.

He urged all that the government was committed to providing their needs saying, ‘I don’t usually promise but this particular road before December would be sorted out.’

Source: Ghana News Agency

Accept divergent views, NCCE urges Ghanaians

Mr. Robert Kwesi Boame, the Oti Regional Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has appealed to Ghanaians, especially political party leaders, actors, supporters, and agents to accept divergent views to sustain the peace in the country.

He said the political parties; especially NDC and NPP, should help the Commission in sensitising their supporters to engage in a decent campaign devoid of insults.

The Regional Director said politics was about numbers and that it was the duty of all supporters to convince others into their fold, and not to insult them or their candidates.

Mr Boame said this at an Inter-Party Dialogue Committee (IPDC) meeting at Chinderi, the District capital of Krachi Nchumuru District in the Oti Region.

The meeting organised by the Krachi Nchumuru District Office of the NCCE, with support from the European Union (E.U) brought together political parties, security agencies, among other groups in the district to drum home the need for tolerance ahead of the 2024 gene
ral elections.

He called on the political leaders to educate their support to use persuasive language during their campaigns and should not resort to lies and unsubstantiated propaganda.

He also called on them to desist from instigating the youth into engaging in violence as no political party or leader wants to rule over a divided nation.

Mr Boame charged them to help maintain Ghana’s image as the beacon of peace in the sub-region by avoiding violence before, during and after the December 7 polls.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Vincent Foli, the District Police Commander, called on all Ghanaians to be always alert as there are violent extremist groups working within the West African sub-region. These extremist groups, he said, are looking for places where there is political tension and violence to penetrate.

DSP Foli thus, asked Ghanaians not to make a mistake and plunge the country into chaos because of political power.

He also appealed to the citizenry to support the Police and other security
agencies in maintaining law and other in the country.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Mahama pays courtesy call on Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in London

Former President John Dramani Mahama, flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), during his recent visit to London, paid a courtesy call on the Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

The former President in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency said: ‘We had a wonderful conversation, and he fondly reminisced on his time living in Ghana’.

He noted that Khalifa Ahmad also offered prayers for peaceful and successful elections in December.

‘I am grateful for his kind words and blessings. Let’s all work towards a peaceful and united Ghana,’ Mr Mahama stated.

Source: Ghana News Agency