Music trio ‘No Nation Gang’ releases highly anticipated EP ‘Mpoano to Global’

Elmina-based music trio known as ‘No Nation Gang’ has released their much anticipated Extended Play (EP), titled ‘Mpoano to Global’.

With a dynamic blend of traditional rhythms and Afrobeats, the five-track EP is sure to fascinate audiences with its distinct style and originality.

With the release of their new project, the music group consisting of three good friends namely Zubu, Second Paa, and BadOne Sticky hope to rekindle global interest in classic trap music.

According to the music trio, they are prepared to conquer any obstacles that may arise as they strive for global popularity and household name recognition.

The ‘No Nation Gang’ say they are poised to take the mantle of taking ‘ghetto’ music to the next level and claim their throne of stardom.

‘Our new EP is a music masterpiece that tells the unique story of the Fanti youth and the plights in their everyday lives. The EP tells a unique story, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the evolving world of Ghanaian music,’ said Zubu.

The new E
P, curated in collaboration with Yve Digital, has five hard-hitting tracks, including ‘Sika Fi,’ ‘Emotions,’ ‘Daakye,’ ‘Top,’ and ‘Menhwe.’

With the release of the ‘Mpoano to Global’ EP, the music trio says they aim to transcend musical borders, reach a wider audience, and spread the joy of African music.

The music project is widely available across various streaming platforms, with the music video for ‘Menhwe’ currently out on Youtube.

Source: Ghana News Agency

From Engineering to Entertainment: Marioking XXXL’s inspiring journey

In Ghana’s vibrant music and film scene, new music sensation Marioking XXXL is making waves.

Originally an engineer, he has fully embraced his passion for music and videography. His latest release, ‘Word Up,’ a heartfelt tribute to his late friend, marks a significant milestone in his creative journey.

This single is part of his EP, ‘High LANDN,’ which is now available on all major platforms.

The video for ‘Word Up’ is also available on YouTube. Marioking’s transition from engineering to the arts is more than a career change; it’s a testament to following one’s true calling.

His brave decision had led to the creation of ‘High LANDN,’ an EP that showcases his lyrical prowess and emotional depth, combining contemporary music with traditional Ghanaian sounds.

This collection of songs reflects his journey and the experiences that have shaped him, both as an engineer and as an artist. In addition to his musical endeavors, Marioking XXXL is gaining recognition as a videographer.

His keen eye for detail and st
orytelling ability have earned him accolades in the industry, proving that his talents extend beyond music. Although still on the rise, he is steadily building his reputation and honing his craft in both music and videography.

Marioking XXXL’s story is an inspiring reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. His journey from engineering to entertainment exemplifies the courage needed to follow one’s passion.

As ‘Word Up’ continues to gain traction, fans can enjoy the full EP, ‘High LANDN,’ across all platforms.

With his unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, captivating melodies, and visual storytelling, Marioking XXXL is poised to make a significant impact on the Ghanaian music scene and beyond.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Massive turnout at premiere of Lilwin’s? ‘A Country Called Ghana’ movie

On Friday, May 17, 2024, the National Theatre hosted the inaugural premiere of ‘A Country Called Ghana’, a celebration of the Ghanaian culture and was attended by many people from diverse backgrounds.

The National Theatre was packed to the rafters as viewers were captivated by the excitement of one of the most highly anticipated Ghana-Nigeria film collaborations, which did not disappoint.

Tourists, musicians, politicians, and other film industry professionals gathered to the site to support famed Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, who portrayed one of the leads in the film.

Nigerian actors Ramsey Nouah, Charles Awurum, and Victor Osuagwu, popularly known as ‘Awilo Sharp Sharp,’ Paa George, and Sweet Mimi, were exciting characters in the movie.

The movie placed a special focus on the need for Ghanaians to preserve special artefacts that showcase our culture and not sell them out, regardless of the price being offered.

The two-hour movie also delivered some hilarious moments, with Lilwin delivering some
fascinating English language skills.

There was excitement after the premiere of the movie, with the likes of Guru, DopeNation, and Lilwin delivering a brief musical performance for the audiences.

The second premiere of ‘A Country Called Ghana’ will be at the KNUST CCB Auditorium in Kumasi on May 25, while the last premiere will happen at the Eubsett Hotel in Sunyani on June 1, 2024.

Source: Ghana News Agency

National Theatre pledges support for Afronita, performing arts professionals

Mrs Amy Frimpong, Executive Director of the National Theatre of Ghana, has offered the theatre’s support to dancer Afronita, who recently performed admirably at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

She said the Theatre, which oversees dance as one of the performing arts sectors, will provide facilities to enable the budding star to sharpen her skills and support other professionals in the field.

‘Our doors are open to as many professionals in the performing arts who are interested in our assistance to project their works. That is what the National Theatre does for Ghanaians,’ she said.

Mrs Frimpong stated this when the National Theatre and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture hosted Afronita, known officially as Danita Akosua Adoma, returned from the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

Afronita and her protégé Abigail Adjiri made an astounding debut on the world-famous talent platform’s auditions early last week, receiving a standing ovation from the judges, including Simon Cowell, and the audience as wel

Abigail, a hearing-impaired child, was able to dance her heart out with her mentor, Afronita. They waved the Ghana flag on stage while dressed colourfully in Kente-inspired clothes.

Mr Andrew Egyapa Mercer, Minister-designate for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, hosted Afronita at the Ministry offices on Friday, May 10, 2024.

He was supported by the Deputy Minister, Mr Mark Okraku Mantey, and Mrs Frimpong.

Also present at the meeting were Mansa Williams, a Board Member of the National Theatre, Dr. Fio of the National Commission on Culture (NCC) and staff of the Ministry.

Abigail had gone back to school to write her examinations at the time of the visit, but Mr Mercer said he was ready to meet her as soon as she finished.

The Minister-Designate commended Afronita on her bold decision to display her talents on the global stage with Abigail and pledged support for various stakeholders in the creative arts industry.

Afronita spoke on her experience, stating that making it to the world stage was a dream come
true for her and Abigail.

Judge Bruno on the show rated the two dancers’ choreography as ‘world-class.’

‘…You are two of the most fantastic dancers we have ever had on Britain’s Got Talent.’ Another judge, Amanda, added.

Judge Simon Cowell rated the performance as one of his ‘favourite auditions of the year.’

Afronita is a Level 300 student at the University of Ghana. She has established her own dance studio and trains young dancers.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Adopting international plays will put spotlight on local theatre, talents – Latif Abubakar

Mr. Latif Abubakar, renowned playwright and chief executive officer of Globe Productions, says his company would expand cooperation to bring more intriguing international plays to Ghanaian audiences.

He said the move would serve to highlight the Ghanaian theatre industry and showcase its outstanding talents.

Mr Abubakar was speaking after the weekend premiere of his new stage play, ‘The License,’ which drew hundreds of people to the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).

The play, produced in collaboration with the Italian Embassy, was based on an original script written by Luigi Pirandello, an Italian novelist and Nobel Prize winner.

‘The License’ was re-enacted as a mix of drama, music, and comedy to depict how some Ghanaians try to cut corners to obtain legal documents such as a driver’s license.

Audiences laughed in the aisles as the narrative of one ‘Mr Adamu’ unfolded, detailing how he obtained a fake driver’s license and eventually put himself in trouble with the law.

‘The License’ feature
d young and vibrant acts like Mark Pratt Dadzie (acting as ‘Mr Adamu’), Bright Keli Jefferson, Omar Sherif Captan, and other cast and crew members who brought the script to life.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, Mr Abubakar expressed satisfaction with the turnout for the show, which aired from May 4 to May 6, 2024.

He observed that people’s interest in theatrical performances was rebounding, and he urged them to maintain it.

About the novel’s premise, he advised the public not to ‘outsmart the system,’ even though obtaining a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and other legal documents in Ghana could be ‘frustrating’ sometimes.

‘The License’ is basically mirroring our society and what happens. Sometimes the systems and processes are tedious to the extent that they force people to do what they are not supposed to do…We are telling people that yes, we have challenges, but you do not take the law into your hand…you will be punished for it,’ he said.

Beyond music and movies, Mr Abubakar encoura
ged the public to patronise stage plays to help boost the industry.

He said the theatre industry in Ghana was ‘very small’ and called for more collaboration.

‘Adapting international plays or scripts, for us, is a unique way because we want to put the spotlight on the Ghanaian theatre industry. We want people to see the kind of talents we have and appreciate them.

‘We have so much talent we can export and compete globally but the only way we can begin to shed light on them is when we begin these international partnerships which help improve cultural exchange and in earning foreign exchange,’ he stated.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Highlife artistes are capable of filling 02 Arena – KK Fosu

Ghanaian musician KK Fosu believes Highlife artistes have the capability of filling up the 20,000-capacity O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom.

KK Fosu’s assertion comes in the wake of Medikal’s successful concert at the 2800-capacity O2 Indigo Arena, which was sold out and witnessed some thrilling performances.

According to KK Fosu, he was elated with the huge success of the concert, but says Highlife artistes have the potential to pull a massive crowd at the main O2 Arena.

‘Highlife music is big out there, and I believe some of our Highlife artistes can fill the 02 Arena. Sometimes we underestimate the popularity of Highlife music on the global stage.

‘I have performed all around the world, and the reception I receive performing Highlife is just amazing. I believe one day a Highlife artiste will fill up the 02 Arema,’ KK Fosu told GNA Entertainment.

KK Fosu, however, stated that there would have to be unity among Highlife musicians to fulfil this dream of filling the 02 Arena and other big arenas in the

‘Highlife musicians would have to come together and support each other to make this a reality, just like what the likes of Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, and Medikal have done,’ he said.

KK Fosu has been active in 2024, dropping two singles, ‘Back to Sender’ and ‘Yaa Boatemaa,’ which are available across various digital streaming platforms.

The legendary musician is expected to host a massive concert later in the year to mark his 25 years in the Ghanaian music industry.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Massive turnout at King Paluta’s Germany and Italy concerts

Rising music sensation King Paluta delivered a masterclass performance during his recent concerts in Germany and Italy.

The New Artiste of the Year nominee at this year’s Ghana Music Awards embarked on a Europe music tour over the weekend, with fans trooping to the venues.

After his dazzling performance at the ‘Accra in Dsseldorf’ concert, the music prodigy jetted off to Italy for his second concert.  

The turnout at the Italy concert was impressive, as was the musical performance by King Paluta, who is undeniably the hottest Ghanaian musician now.

During the concert, the Kumasi-based singer and rapper thrilled music fans with some trendy songs, including ‘Yahitte,’ ‘Sika Aba Fie,’ and ‘Aha Kye.’ 

But it was the ever-banging ‘Aseda’ hit song that captured the hearts of the patrons as they sang the lyrics of the song from start to finish.

The versatile act has made significant strides in his career, headlining both local and international shows.

King Paluta, who grabbed four nominations at this year’s G
hana Music Awards, is highly tipped to win the prestigious New Artiste of the Year.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Sista Afia returns with ‘2 Things’ party anthem featuring Amerado

Award-winning songstress Sista Afia has dropped her highly anticipated single ‘2 Things,’ featuring Amerado.

The ‘2 Things’ masterpiece showcases Sista Afia’s unique vocal prowess and talent, making her one of the top female musical talents in Ghana.

Award-winning rapper Amerado, who has been in red-hot form in the music industry, drops some mind-blowing lyrics on the ‘2 Things’ track.

According to Sista Afia, the ‘2 Things’ track is one of the tracks from her upcoming album, which she plans to release later in the year.

Speaking about the song, Sista Afia disclosed that she was thrilled to feature Amerado, whom she considers a top talent.

Sista Afia stated that the song is a hypnotic blend of Highlife music and Afrobeats sounds, capturing scenes of real-life happenings, especially for the underprivileged.

This could be one of the biggest tunes of the year from the sensational vocalist, as she continues to thrill music lovers with her infectious rhythms.

The song, which was released along with a visual
izer, is already making waves on social media and has been widely streamed across various digital platforms.

Source: Ghana News Agency