Killing of two civilians: Fon of Guzang condemns act

The Fon of Guzang village in Batibo, HRH Fon Mbanyamsig III has said the killing of two young men in his village is abominable.

In a press release signed by the Traditional Ruler, he revealed that the act was carried by ‘armed terrorists who have lost all sense of humanity ‘

“I, therefore, condemn in the strongest of terms this heinous, horrendous, abnormal, satanic…act committed by terrorists’ gangs, who for absurd, selfish, and unacceptable motives, continue to kill honest and innocent citizens…”

The Fon further called on the population of Guzang to stay away from all separatist activities.

“I therefore call on all Guzangees to continue to distance themselves from all activities of separatists and their ideology…”

On Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at about 5 p.m., a group of separatist fighters stormed the Guzang market and ordered everyone to gather at the avenue.

The armed men asked two men identified as, Mbanyamsig Hans and Aburo Cletus to step forward, telling the crowd that both men have been acting as informants to government forces “black legs”

In a video that widely circulated on social media, both men were seen seated on a tarred toad. They were later shot dead in front of the crowd.

The men said they belonged to the ADF armed group.

Source: Cameroon News Agency