Spotlight: Meet Barrister Chuo Angabua

JUNIOR ANGABUA CHUO ANGABUA (born 12 April 1995) is a Cameroonian lawyer and Notary Public, who is the founder and Managing counsel 1 of Prime-Time Law offices incorporated in Cameroon and Nigeria with Partner offices across Africa, Asia, Europe & the Americas.

He began his career in 2012 as a law firm intern, specialising wholly in criminal and civil litigations. In 2018, he joined Veritas Law offices as a legal postulant guided its strategic development until 2020 when he took a voluntary disengagement and started the PRIME TIME LAW OFFICES.2


Chuo Angabua had his primary education in Kumba, south West Region of Cameroon and later obtained the Cameroon GCE ordinary and advance in 2010 & 2011 3 respectively from the Presbyterian comprehensive High school (PCHS kumbo), North West-Cameroon.

He studied law at the University of Buea 4 leading to an LLB and also obtained a certification in Computer studies from the Women Empowerment and The Family Centre in Kumba.

He then proceeded to Nigeria to attend the Nigerian Law School 5 in order to qualify to practice and was called to the Nigerian bar in 2021, One year later in 2022 he was called to the Cameroon Bar.

In 2023 he was exceptional nominated and granted a scholarship to study for a Master’s Degree in international maritime law at the prestigious IMO international maritime law institute in Malta.6


Chuo Angabua began his career with the Omega law firm as Law intern, then moved to Veritas law office and after a brief stint he founded Prime Time law offices incorporated in Cameroon and Nigeria with Partner offices across Africa, Asia, Europe & the Americas.

He has since worked with top tier banks, government ministries and a host of high-profile client in the maritime law sector.

Personal life

Chuo Angabua hails from Ngie, in North West region of Cameroon, he lost his father at the age of 11 and was brought up solely by his mother who is a government teacher.7

He is a non-partisan, has never voted and also doesn’t belief in Christianity which is quite popular in his home country.


Born:12 April 1995

North West Region, Cameroon

Nationality: Cameroonian

Citizenship: Cameroon


Presbyterian Primary school, Kumba Town

University of Buea

Nigerian Law School

Imo International Maritime Law institute


Lawyer & Notary Public

Years active:2012–present

Source: Cameroon News Agency