VOLTAGREENCT partners Central Tongu Assembly to sink infrastructure at Mafi Anfoe

VOLTAGREENCT initiative is partnering with the Central Tongu District Assembly to construct wide variety of residential and commercial affordable buildings, modern school blocks, golf course, and swimming pool arenas to bring development closer to the people. The VOLTAGREENCT, is an initiative of some Ghanaian citizens domicile in the USA, who polled resources together to embark on myriads of development projects at Mafi-Anfoe. Mr. Thomas Moore Zonyrah, the Chief Executive of Central Tongu District, briefing the Ghana News Agency, who lobbied for the deal said the project promised to bring transformative changes to the area and create much-needed employment opportunities for its residents. The VOLTAGREENCT project, which had gained the support of local chiefs and elders, marks a pivotal moment in the community’s growth. Under the agreement, the chiefs and landowners would lease lands in Mafi Anfoe for the purpose of comprehensive development, encompassing the construction of affordable housing, improved road infrastructure, and the establishment of new educational institutions. Mr. Thomas Moore Zonyrah expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the numerous benefits it would inure to Mafi Anfoe. He emphasized that the project aligned with the district’s goals of enhancing living standards and promoting economic development. He indicated that ‘I will work closely with the Chiefs, elders and landowners in the community to ensure that everything goes well. So far, the Member of Parliament and I have also been talking about the project and we shall endeavour to work with the investors so that Mafi Anfoe will develop.’ The DCE lauded the investors and pledged to offer the necessary support in pushing the project forward. Mr Nii Okai Parbey, the Chief Executive Officer of VOLTAGREENCT noted that the project would be a large-scale initiative that would feature a free zone, wide variety of home buildings into a modern city in the enclave. He added that the project would create thousands of job opportunities for the residents. Mr. Parbey appreciated the effort of the DCE in leading them to Mafi Anfoe and creating the avenue for them to get land from the Gevie Clan to commence the projects. Mr Gabby Alexander Roosevelt Hotordze, the Member of Parliament for Central Tongu Constituency reiterated that the project would bridge the infrastructural gap and give the residents many job opportunities. He also urged landowners in the community to avoid land litigation in the discharge of the project. Togbe Dra Aboetaka IV, the Chief of Mafi Anfoe noted that the initiative would help elevate the well-being of many in Mafi Anfoe, and also offer better access to quality education and housing. He noted that ‘My elders and I are in support of this project and will do everything possible to ensure that it manifests in our town. We shall talk with landowners so they can lease them willingly’. Togbe expressed his gratitude to the DCE for bringing in the investors. The investors behind VOLTAGREENCT are dedicated to sustainable development practices and have pledged to work closely with the local community to ensure that their vision aligns with the needs and aspirations of Mafi Anfoe’s residents. Local leaders and residents have welcomed the VOLTAGREENCT project with open arms, recognizing the potential for job creation and the overall improvement of the community’s infrastructure. As the project unfolds in February next year, it is expected to generate excitement and anticipation among the people of Mafi Anfoe, as they watch their community transform into a more prosperous and vibrant place to live.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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