2025 elections maybe mared if Anglophone crisis persist- GCPJC warns

By Nchendzengang Tatah

The Global Campaign for Peace and Justice in Cameroon (GCPJC) in a release on May 12, has warned government authorities of the impending danger the current sociopolitical instability in the North West and South West regions will pose to upcoming elections.

GCPJC says that if the Anglophone crisis is not resolved adequately, it risk posing a severe problem to the triple elections in 2025. Being the Parliamentary, Municipal and Presidential polls.

‘Without a peaceful political resolution, the country’s 2025 elections are likely to be marred, and Cameroon’s economy will continue to decline. We urge all warring parties to commit to a cessation of hostilities, refrain from committing further atrocities, and uphold international and national laws,’ the GCPJC statement read.

With an estimate of more than 6,000 people killed, over 700,000 displaced with atleast 70,000 in Nigeria, and many schools closed for years, depriving children of education. Global Campaign for Peace and Justice in Cam
eroon called for a cease fire on both sides and fair dialogue to be initiated by the government.

‘As the devastating conflict approaches its eighth year, all parties must work to silence the guns to avoid more suffering and allow for peace and justice. This is the moment for the Cameroon government and non-state armed groups to put the interests of their people first,’ they added.

The GCPJC statement highlighted that a solution to the conflict must address it’s root causes and grievances. It went on to plead with the Cameroon Head of State to acknowledge this ‘ripe moment’ and meet at a dialogue table to find a non-military end to the conflict.

Saluting the recent call for a cease fire by separatist leader, ‘Capo Daniel’, the GCPJC also appealed for the international community, ‘to offer necessary technical support and assistance to all, including civil society, so that everyone can work together to end this destructive conflict.’

The statement emphasized for concrete actions to survive the Anglophone pop
ulation. Maintaining that negotiations remain the most reasonable way out.

The Global Campaign for Peace and Justice in Cameroon is an informal group of academics, activists, journalists, lawyers, students, and other concerned citizens around the world who believe in the need for a peaceful resolution of Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis.

Source: Cameroon News Agency