Angolan Soccer Federation rejects appeal by Petro de Luanda

Disciplinary Council of the Angolan Football Federation (FAF) rejected Thursday the appeal by Petro de Luanda club, but decided to keep the two-year suspension of all activity.

The move followed the lack of an authenticated power of attorney from the representing lawyers.

In its statement that has reached ANGOP, FAF states that Petro was notified at 3:35 pm on Friday by email to complete the appeal documentation with authenticated power of attorney.

The FAF note clarifies that Petro de Luanda were given a period of no more than 24 hours to comply with this recommendation, but that after the deadline the appellant did not comment.

“The order of preliminary rejection by the Disciplinary Council does not allow the process to be reviewed, on appeal, by the Jurisdictional Council, maintaining the previous deliberation of suspension”, reads the communique.

In reaction to the Disciplinary Council’s deliberation, ANGOP contacted a Petro de Luanda official, who said it was not the right time to speak to the press.

On the other hand, FAF temporarily removes the penalties against Kabuscorp do Palanca and Académica do Lobito, both due to division and a fine of 80,000 UCF (1 UCF, equivalent to 88 kz), while the process is evaluated by the Jurisdictional Council.

The same condition is also applied to the president of Kabuscorp do Palanca Bento Kangamba, who has been away for four years and his secretary general Marximina Bernardo, suspended for six years, as well as the coach of Académica do Lobito Agostinho Tramagal, for six years and a fine of 600 UCF.

At the heart of Petro de Luanda’s suspension from all Angolan competitions is an audio file, that went viral, in which Petro player Márcio Luvambo is heard confirming that the two-time champions paid Académica do Lobito three million kwanzas (€3,300) to fix a match in last season’s Angolan Cup.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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