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Angola’s presence in Turkey reflects bilateral cooperation – official

Angola’s participation in the inauguration ceremony of the re-elected President of Turkey Recep Erdogan “reflects the good level” of political-diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Both countries relationship was stressed by the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Esmeralda Mendonça, after the swearing in of Turkey’s Recep Erdogan on Saturday in Ankara.

“Turkey is an important country for Angola and in recent years it has sought greater rapprochement with the African countries, striving for a more equitable relationship”, she emphasised.

According to Esmeralda Mendonça, Angola, which was represented at the ceremony by its Vice-President of the Republic, Esperança Costa, Turkey has also served as an alternation to the main models of cooperation between the countries of the North and South.

Esmeralda Mendonça clarified that the volume of business between Angola and Turkey, in 2021, was estimated at around US$170 million

Angola and Turkey, in recent years, carried out important economic reforms, involving the improvement of the business environment, which placed both countries in a privileged position for the re-launch of cooperation in several areas.

Angola and Turkey marked the new progress and deepening of their bilateral cooperation ties, following the visits of the Angola’s Head of State to Turkey and that of his Turkish counterpart to Angola, which led to the signing of several Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding in various fields.

At the time, the two Heads of State pledged commitment to doubling the flow of trade in the coming years, aiming to reach an annual goal of 500 million dollars, through mutually advantageous partnerships.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)

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