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Beach Soccer World Cup: African teams come short in bid for title

The two African countries, Sénégal and Egypt who qualified for the 2024 Beach Soccer world cup in Dubai have been eliminated at the group stage of competition, shattering their hopes of competing for the elusive title.

Africa’s Beach Soccer champions Senegal was eliminated after losing 4-6 to Japan in their 3rd and last group C game which propelled them to a 3rd place finish in their group with 3 points, 1 win and 2 defeats.

Egypt on the other hand finished 3rd in group A after winning their lone game of the competition 5-4 against USA and lost to Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

The 16 Nations competition will pit the top two teams of each group including Japan, Iran, Belarus, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Tahiti at the quarter finals.

The quarter finals will place Brazil against Japan, Belarus will face Portugal, IRAN will play the United Arab Emirates while Italy will face Tahiti.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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