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Increase funding for school feeding – Paediatric Society

The Paediatric Society of Ghana is calling on the Government to enhance the school feeding programme to help address child malnutrition in the country.

In a communique shared with the Ghana News Agency from its annual general meeting, the Society said malnutrition remained ‘a major problem,’ and that with the extended effects on the nation’s growth and development, programmes and initiatives to enhance food security should be enhanced.

Signed by Dr Hilda Mantebea Boye, President of the Society, and Dr Gabrielle Obeng-Koranteng, its Secretary, the communique commended the Government’s initiative to provide meals in basic schools as having the potency deliver the nutrition needs of children in the country.

The program is being implemented in selected districts, and the Society said stakeholders need increase funding to expand its coverage.

The communique read: ‘We commend the Government of Ghana over the years on steps taken to combat malnutrition in all its forms in the country including the launch of the
national nutrition policy, introduction of the school feeding program, and planting for food and jobs, all which have potential to curb food insecurity and promote good nutrition among children.

‘The Paediatric Society of Ghana implores the Government to increase funding for the school feeding program and expand beneficiary schools to ensure that more children can be provided with nutritious meals that meet minimum daily requirements for all nutrients.’

The Society said it continued to advocate the safe cultivation of food as the base for adequate nutrition, and further called for continuous training and capacity for both mothers and health care providers in ensuring quality nutrition before and during pregnancy.

The ‘worsened plight’ of the children of Volta Region amidst the ongoing flood devastation was also highlighted, and the PSG urged more support for affected communities.

The communique concluded ‘the Paediatric Society of Ghana would like to state that, the future survival of the county and its d
evelopment is inextricably linked to the quality of children we bring up today.

‘Good nutrition to ensure adequate physical, mental, and cognitive development will be essential to ensure that the country is handed over to a skilled and productive population.’

The annual general meeting was held in Ho on the theme ‘The Economic and Social Impact of Child Malnutrition on Ghana’s Long-Term Development,’ and more than 200 members of the Society attended the event which included a business conference, and an exhibition.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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