International Akong Tournament in Congo Brazzaville

Before a jury made up of, among others, Rafael Mba Esangui, the head of the Equatorial Guinea diplomatic mission advised the players and the jury on transparency during the course of the game, after pointing out the importance of this international akong tournament.

With the participation of the Equatoguinean colony resident in Brazzaville, the three contestants, after more than two hours, demonstrated their strategic skills.

Following the deliberations of the jury, Adolfo Mba Ela was proclaimed champion, and he received applause and an ovation from all those present.

Akong is a game between two players who use strategies to control the counters of the two opponents. It has five versions, and was initially played by the Fang ethnic group. It has now extended throughout the subregion of Central and West Africa.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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