Israeli army bombs hundreds more targets in Gaza overnight

The Israeli air force, says it has once again attacked hundreds of targets in the Gaza Strip, and killed several Hamas commanders. Around 450 targets were bombed from the air in the past 24 hours, the army said on Monday morning. These included tunnels, military installations and launching pads for anti-tank missiles. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) also said troops, had taken over a military complex on the ground. According to the military, ‘several Hamas terrorists’ were killed during the operation. Observation posts, training areas and tunnels are said to have been located on the site. The information could not be verified independently. The Islamist Hamas movement, which has ruled Gaza since 2007, is classified as a terrorist organization by the EU and the US. The military also reported attacks by the Israeli navy on command centres, anti-tank missile launching posts and other Hamas observation posts. Hamas member Jamal Mussa, was killed during the operations. He is said to have been responsible for ‘special security operations’, and to have ‘carried out a shooting attack’ on Israeli soldiers in the border area in 1993. The statement did not specify whether any soldiers were killed. The current fighting started after the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement, launched a terrorist attack from the Gaza Strip against Israel on October 7, killing 1,400 mainly civilians and taking some 240 people hostage. Israel then launched a retaliatory bombing campaign, to eliminate Hamas that has killed at least 9,770 Palestinians in Gaza, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry there.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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