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Labour Code Procedure unifies rules

The Draft Labour Procedure Code, under debate at National Assembly’s Specialised Commissions, is intended to bring together and systematising the separated rules in this branch.

The intention is to provide greater legal certainty and security, the Secretary of State for Justice, Evaristo Solano, said on Tuesday in Luanda.

As for the debate on the Bill in the Specialised Commissions, Evaristo Solano stated that the proposal comes up with norms that support the new General Labour Law.

Angolan National Assembly recently approved the Draft Labour Act in order to protect the rights and duties of the employee.

“We want to clarify the procedures, starting from the time required to file the actions, writing a request, the witnesses, waiting for the ruling and how to act in the face of this situation,” the official clarified.

So far, four chapters, of the 203-article Bill, have already been discussed and approved.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)

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