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MTN users say fees spent during mobile transactions high

For some time now, users of the MTN mobile telephone network have been expressing dissatisfaction and disappointment as they share their personal experiences as far as money transfers are concerned.

Some of these users say money has “disappeared” many times from their accounts and at others, the amounts sent were not the amounts received and the mobile network’s customer service has been useless as far as solving the problem is concerned.

“I stood there and watched 225,000frs being sent to my phone then later on checking my balance, I saw only 222,000 frs. I was confused. The entire money was sent because I recieved the message. How then and why 3,000frs was deducted by MTN, I cannot understand. I called customer service they picked up and said it must be a problem from the optic fiber they will fix. Till date nothing. It’s been a week now,” Aurel Tsafack, a disappointed MTN user explains.

Users say call credit and data activation is worst. Helen Ngwafor a business woman in Buea says she activates data atleast 3 times a day even after having activated for a month:

“I have the 10,000frs 1GB each day subscription but before 2pm, MTN tells me I exhausted my data for the day so I end up activating another data plan. In less than an hour, a message pops up saying I have consumed 50% of my data already when I’m not even online. The expense is too much. To calculate how much I use a day for data not to talk of a month is a total fraud.”

Aside the grievances shared above, some users express the insecurity around the mobile banking service where consumers have lost hundreds of thousands to scammers who have some how managed to have access to their accounts.

“I was deceived by a short message from MTN to activate a free data bundle offered to me. Once I approved, I realised the next morning that I had been robbed,” Mercy Linjap another user explains.

From horrible network to countless interrupted calls, users say it is invasion of privacy and are irritated.

Users say they expect to recieve their money back as MTN remains the most used network service in Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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