NCCE celebrates civic festival of Aburi Girls’ SHS civic education club

Aburi (E/R) The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in Akuapim South Municipality has celebrated the seventh civic festival of Aburi Girls’ Senior High School (SHS) civic education club, with a call on students to protect, preserve, and uphold Ghana’s1992 constitution.

Mr Samuel Asare Akuamoah, Deputy Chairman in charge of Operation at NCCE, speaking at the CIVICFEST at Aburi of the Eastern Region, said the constitution promoted the integration Ghanaians and prohibit discrimination and prejudice on grounds of place of origin.

He said it was the mandate of the Commission to highlight the achievement of the constitution and where it must be respected, upheld, and protected against any abuse or violation.

The constitution, as the supreme law of Ghana, recognizes human and citizen’s fundamental rights and declares Ghana to be a unitary republic with sovereignty residing in the Ghanaian people.

It is the Ghana’s fourth constitution since independence on 6th March 1957 from the British colonial rule.

Mr Akuamoah alerted the students on the threat to the democratic arrangement by violent extremist groups operating in the Sahel region, which he said was closer to Ghana.

He advised the students to beware of the kinds of friends they interact with and report any person who may engage them into extremism to the security agencies or school authorities.

Mr Alex Owusu Akyaw, Akuapim South Municipal Director of NCCE said the seventh civic festival (CIVICFEST) was part of the NCCE’s 30 years anniversary celebration under the theme: ’30 years of constitutional democracy: Building National Cohesion Through Civic Education and Participation in Local Governance’ – the role of the youth.’

He said the Aburi Girls’ Senior High School civic festival was formed in 2015 to foster unity among students, so that they could live in harmony with others to promote national cohesion; to provide avenue for students to have interactive time with prominent personalities whose contribution to Ghana’s development have been significant.

Also, it was to create awareness on the importance of civic education or civic rights and responsibilities.

He stated that as part of their civic duties, Ghanaians must acquire a spirit of voluntarism to participate in local governance as agents of change, as well as observe values like patriotism and peaceful coexistence.

The CIVICFEST activities included poetry recital, modelling, and dance performances.

Ms Ophelia Ankrah, Director of NCCE Eastern Region, stated that it was the responsibility of Ghanaians to perform their duties diligently to reduce irregular migration to other nations in pursuit of better pastures.

Copies of Ghana’s constitution were given to diligent and hardworking members of the club.

Nana Akua Nyamaa, a student in form two and a club member, exhorted the other students to join the civic club to learn about their rights and responsibilities, and commended the NCCE for establishing the club in the school.

Participating institutions included Mamfe Methodist Girls’ SHS, Pope John SHS, Presbyterian Senior High School (PRESEC) – Legon, Adonten Senior High School, and Aburi Presbyterian Senior Technical High School.

Source: Ghana News Agency