PFAG defends Yussif Chibsah’s bribery comment against Hearts of Oak

The Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) has defended its member, Mr. Yussif Chibsah over his recent comment against Hearts of Oak, which was to caution players on the dangers of bribery.

The former footballer in an interview shared how Alhaji Grusah discovered Hearts of Oak’s bribe to King Faisal players years back.

This has generated lots of controversies both on the path of Hearts of Oak and some Ghanaians who were not happy with what he said.

A statement released by the association said ‘Our Head of Player Relations Mr.Yussif Chibsah has over 17 years of professional playing experience, including six years in Ghana’s local league.

‘With regard to the interview on question, and the specific anecdote referred to, Mr.Chibsah was recounting an event that occurred over 20 years ago to warn current players against accepting bribes and to advocate for the preservation of their reputation and integrity of the game.’

It noted that PFAG was keen on protecting it’s members, who are working hard to promote the welfare of professional footballers in the country.

‘In line with this, our recent visit to Accra Hearts of Oak on May 15,2023 exemplifies our active engagements with teams to ensure our members’ best interest are well-represented and protected,’ it said.

PFAG stated that it was committed to building a positive relationship with Hearts of Oak and all clubs in Ghana to help grow football in Ghana.

Source: Ghana News Agency