President predicts better response to burn cases

Angolan Head of State João Lourenço announced Saturday that the Hospital dealing with burn injuries, under construction in the Urban District of Kilamba in municipality of Belas, Luanda, will meet the need for patient care in the country, particularly in the capital.

João Lourenço referred to the fact that Luanda will be able to count, within two years, on two health units with this specialty, which, in his view, working simultaneously will certainly respond to the situation.

He recalled that the other unit, which has existed for a long time, is currently undergoing rehabilitation and expansion works, already in the final phase, as it had limited space and poor conditions.

According to the President, the infrastructure should be delivered in the next few days.

“Unfortunately, there have been many victims of house fires and beyond, which affect people of all ages, even children, and this has worried us”, he said, highlighting that the country does not yet have the capacity to match the number of cases that have arisen, especially in Luanda, which has more than ten million inhabitants.

As for the other provinces, João Lourenço explained that they will create areas, within general hospitals, to treat burn cases.

On Saturday, the head of State assessed the construction works of the Hospital specialized in burn cases of Kilamba, with a capacity for 248 beds, and expressed his belief that the contractor will respect the commitment to deliver it in March 2025, the agreed period in the contract.

Once completed, it will provide better healthcare to the population.

The works are secured by 270 workers, including nationals and foreigners and started in March 2022.

The infrastructure occupies an area of 48,000 square meters, with physical execution at 12.5 percent.

The project is estimated at 149 million Euros and includes four buildings

Source: Angola Press News Agency