The Government also expresses its rejection of the incidents during the semifinal

In a statement issued by the Minister Spokesman, the Executive expresses its rejection of the violent incidents of the Malabo match. It congratulates the Ghana team for its victory, and expresses sorrow for what happened. “We must not allow a few people to spoil the effort carried out with so much hope in record time,” said the statement, which encourages everyone to go to the other matches with civility. “We are a peaceful and hospitable country,” says the text.


The Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea wishes to express its outright rejection of the unfortunate incidents that occurred yesterday during the match between our national team and the sister Republic of Ghana, in which some spectators of the match performed vandalism, throwing water and soda bottles in the field.

The Government wants to congratulate the national team of the sister Republic of Ghana for their deserved victory yesterday afternoon, and to apologize for this group of violent supporters, who do not represent our people or our fans.

We feel sad for what happened in this great national festivity that has been lived with excitement and enthusiasm. We should not allow a few people to spoil the effort carried out with such enthusiasm by many people who have worked hard in record time, so that this Cup to be carried out and continue to develop well.

The team that organized this CAN 2015 also deserves recognition. The Government congratulates the National Team, the Nzalang, and its coaching staff, the true heroes who have made history, bringing our country for the first time to the semifinals of the African Cup of Nations. We will continue working to improve our sport and especially to prevent violence in the football fields.

The police have been working to ensure this Cup, fighting against attempts to sabotage it. Those few citizens seek to tarnish the development of this competition that has involved our entire population. And we ask the People to continue to support the successful completion of the African Cup of Nations, watching to help contain these vandals who have no right to endanger the safety of people or the proper development of the competition.

We are a peaceful and hospitable country. We must not allow our detractors to sow disorder and undermine the enviable prevailing peace that makes it possible to hold events of this type in our nation.

We also take the opportunity of this statement to categorically deny the news being issued by some people interested in creating chaos, regarding there had been persons assassinated during the unrest. These hoaxes only seek to exploit the incidents to create social alarm. Therefore, they should not be taken into account.

The best way to counter these attempts of sabotage is to all go to the match tomorrow and to the final to support the various teams playing for third place, and the great final of the African Cup of Nations, being an example of civility.


The Minister of Information, Press and Radio

Government Minister Spokesman of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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