Turbine 3 of Luachimo dam resumes

The Turbine 3 of the Luachimo hydroelectric project, located in the eastern Lunda Norte province, has restarted production after the replacement of parts that were damaged in May of this year.

The turbine, with capacity to produce 8.5 megawatts of electricity, was out of service for almost a month due to a technical fault during tests.

The recovery of turbine 3 allowed the infrastructure to start producing 17 of the 34 planned, providing power to Dundo city and its surroundings, the director of GAMEK project, Joaquim Garcia, has announced.

He added that the two of the four planned turbines, with 8.5 megawatts each, were currently in experimental production.

The assembly of the last two turbines with the same production capacities (8.5) is in the final stages and should start production in the next few days.

He said that the dam will start producing the planned 34 megawatts by November of this year.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)