Woman detained for pouring hot oil on ex-lover

A woman called Malapa Anne Josianne in her early 30s was detained at the Mabanda police district in the Douala 4 subdivision for showering her ex-boyfriend with bleached oil on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

Sympathizers rushed the man to the hospital, at the time of this report, he was still under intense medical care. He however managed to talk to CNA.

” I was locking my shop to meet a friend for something urgent. All of a sudden Malapa appeared from nowhere and began her usual trouble. She picked up my phone and went to her house with it. When I locked the shop I didn’t find the phone, so went to her house to get it. She resisted but ended up handing over the phone to me. When I turned to go away, she asked me to see. I turned not knowing she was carrying bleached oil. She poured it on my face. It burnt my face, chest, and hands as I tried to block.” Explained the victim.

Even Malapa incurred some burns on her face as her ex-boyfriend tried to push away the pot. Some splashed on her face.

Malapa, held by the population confessed her action was out of anger.

“I am deeply sorry for what I did. It was out of anger. I love him so much. He owes me some money I gave him to fix me a bed. He never did. I asked if he was happy seeing me sleep on the floor but he said nothing. He also owes me a phone he took from me. The reason why I took his phone.” Malapa gave her own version of the story.

The man had also explained that Malapa disappeared with his FCFA 1.5 million three years ago. She moved on with another man and bore him a child. He had to move on as well with another woman. Malapa lost her man and kid in an accident.

Now solitary, Malapa returned to Douala and rented in the same quarter her ex-boyfriend was living. She reportedly began her troubles when she noticed her ex was married to another woman.

But an attempt to frustrate their union has instead landed her in detention.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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