Angolan police seize 70 stones of diamonds

The National Police seized a total of 70 diamond stones of various carats during a micro-operation carried out early in the weekend, the spokesman of the Police in eastern Lunda Norte Province, Domingos Muanafumo, said Tuesday.

During the operation, which was coordinated with the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), 16 gravel washing nets, 14 shovels, 13 machetes, six motor pumps and a dredge were seized, amongst other materials used for illegal mining.

The diamonds and equipment seized were handed over to the “Operation Transparency” collection commission, the spokesperson said.

Without revealing the number of people detained in the operation, Muanafumo said they have been sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for illegal possession, illegal mining and trafficking.

The police chief added that the operation will continue, since the aim is to eliminate illegal mining exploitation areas in Lunda Norte Province.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)