Interview with president of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Equatorial Guinea

Following the recent opening of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, the president of the chamber, Zhao Lianzhi, has answered various questions regarding the operations of the institution, in an interview which we are publishing in full.

Above all, I wish to congratulate Zhao Lianzhi, president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Equatorial Guinea, for setting it up.

Can we summarise the organisational structure and the companies making it up, in addition to any other essential information regarding the chamber?

Under the direction of the Chinese Embassy in Equatorial Guinea, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce officially opened on 20th October 2017 in Malabo, and is made up of 30 Chinese companies, which are broadly dedicated to the construction of infrastructure, communication, electricity, agriculture and energy, etc. The same chamber will assume the administrative and operational functions of the office of the Chinese Association for International Contracts. China Road and Bridge Corporation, recommended as the first president of the chamber, is a member of the executive board, together with eight other companies.

The executive board at the chamber is made up of a secretary, under which the General Office, the Department for Corporate Responsibility, and four other operational departments have been set up”.

What is the initial aim in setting up the Chinese Chamber of Commerce? And what is the role it will play in the economic development of Equatorial Guinea?

The aim in setting up the chamber is to strengthen internal communication and cooperation between member companies, learning mutually from successful experiences, and improving the general capabilities of the service, in order to make a greater contribution to the economic and social construction of Equatorial Guinea.

After becoming established, the Chamber of Commerce will encourage Chinese companies to construct voluntarily, together with Equatorial Guinea, the community of destiny and best interests, through the construction of further projects that coincide with the economic demands of the country. Meanwhile, it will actively meet its social responsibilities, promote national employment, and train more specialist technical personnel”.

What does the setting up of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce mean for Chinese companies? And how is it going to perform the role of organisation and coordination?

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce has set up a communication and exchange platform for Chinese companies, on which they can mutually learn from successful experiences and will be able to create more high quality projects for the local community. In addition, the chamber is dedicated to the protection of the rights and legal interests of the member companies, helping to dissipate concerns and resolve problems.

Furthermore, it will strengthen cooperation between the companies and the business community in the country, helping the Government in the standardised management of companies and the market”.

In line with the “Horizonte 2020” Plan in Equatorial Guinea, in which areas will the work of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce take place?

The “Horizonte 2020” Plan in Equatorial Guinea is divided into two phases. The first phase is dedicated to the construction of infrastructure. In recent years, Chinese companies have actively contributed towards national construction in large projects, such as airports, ports, roads and other installations, improving the environment in the country in a practical way.

The second phase consists in the diversification of economic development. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce, on the one hand, will develop its own projects and will actively explore the national market, and advise and assist companies from the two countries in their careful research, in order to make a greater contribution towards the “Horizonte 2020″ Plan in Equatorial Guinea”.

Recently there was the huge success of the XIX Communist Party of China National Congress. What importance do you believe it will have in the economic and commercial exchanges between the two countries?

In the report presented before the XIX National Congress, it was stated that China is going to actively develop relations of the global association, and will broaden the convergence of interests with other countries through mutual aid, in order to promote the construction of the community of human destiny.

At the same time, both parties will mutually enjoy the complementary advantages to the economy and commerce, as there is huge potential for the development of this cooperation. On the one hand the need to strengthen cooperation in production capacity between the two countries will be satisfied, and on the other, Equatorial Guinea has an abundance of oil, gas and other maritime resources, which will facilitate and bring about a strengthening in cooperation in emerging areas, such as energy exploitation, agricultural production and processing, and the export of aquatic products” .

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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