Obama Asue meets civil officials

On the afternoon of 18th July, the Prime Minister, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue, also held an information meeting with the main body of civil officials who carry out their functions in the city of Bata.

The aim of the meeting was to inform the officials that the Government was now installed in Bata, as part of its policy to move between one region and another, in order to streamline the administration and improve the appearance of the city of Bata, through its cleaning and conditioning.

In this context, the Prime Minister asked those present to back the work of their respective ministries.

The issues of attendance, punctuality and permanence in posts was once again a concern of Obama Asue in relation to officials, and for that reason he asked for collaboration in order to comply with the working timetable established under the Law on State Civil Servants, insisting that the working timetable in the administration in Equatorial Guinea was from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon, and he warned those present that, during the Governments time in the continental part, there would be inspections of ministerial delegations.

Along the same lines, he asked for collaboration from those present in order to improve the contribution to the General State Treasury given that, thanks to the efforts and transparency of everyone, it would be possible to record an increase in income to the State coffers, the Government member underlined.

Before concluding the meeting, Obama Asue spoke of the need to promote good human relations, based on mutual respect, brotherhood, understanding and dialogue, not only between colleagues and superiors, but also in relations that are established with the public.

During the meeting, the ministers from Public Administration and Administrative Reform, and Public Works, Housing and Town Planning, seconded Obama Asue.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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