PSGE responds to the Spanish newspaper ABC

We are publishing the full text of the response from the PDGE Press Department to the publication of an article in ABC dated 25th August, on the supposed poor health of the President Founder. For more information go to Severo Moto Dossier via this link:

Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea Information and Press Office

As it has been doing since the 80s…

The Spanish newspaper ABC continues to spread lies from the coup leader and arms dealer, Severo Moto.

As hard as it may seem, the old coup leader and foe continues to lie not only to those who follow him via internet, but even in newspapers such as ABC in Spain, which has published, almost entirely, his latest fables on the health of our President. Possibly, the journalist he has once again deceived is not truly aware of the long history of lies, fraud and coup attempts from this great dinosaur of the lie. At the PDGE we have created a full dossier containing his history, sop that new generations at this paper and other unwary papers can truly understand his profile.

Malabo, 23 August 2017

In recent days many of us have borne witness to the creation of a new “saga” of fantastic stories regarding Equatorial Guinea, with a rumour in really poor taste, which has spread though social media at full speed.

As if it were “Game of Thrones”, the already well-known ghosts of the opposition, on this occasion, have invented a further great “exclusive” on the health of our President. Nothing new in that: we all know that these types cannot do anything but tell unfounded tales and lies, as the only way to fight against reality; that our country, Equatorial Guinea, is enjoying incredible political, economic and social development thanks to our President Founder, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

For that reason, for this band of upstarts, their only action, as always, is that of CREATING UNFOUNDED TALES AND LIES with which, on many occasions, they have managed to deceive numerous believers, not only in our country, but also beyond our borders. Because it truly remains surprising that even a Spanish newspaper such as ABC is publishing the rumour of the President’s illness, even after seeing the photos and videos of his usual activities. And it is somewhere between comedy and surrealism that they can mistake a birthday card, made using an old photograph, with a supposed manipulated photo.

Severo Moto, master of lies.

For many of us who work within the PDGE, none of this surprises us, because we have seen this many times before. But we must recognise that the surprising fact that, in this story, the famous foe and coup leader, master of lies, Severo Moto, has managed to achieve a certain level of prominence on the web, even a certain level of credibility. We are in no doubt that this new rumour is from his “Lie factory”, just as we are unsurprised that it was he who told the story to ABC, which for many years was a newspaper that turned him into a famous person in Spain.

For those who are younger, we say that the curriculum of Severo Moto would not be out of place, for example, in the famous series called “Game of Thrones”. No one, in the entire history of Africa, and possibly the history of humanity, has told more lies nor taken part in so many attempted attacks, state coups and fights against his own compatriots as Severo Moto. In a very, very compact summary, here is his history:

?? In ’79 Severo Moto was freed from prison by the new President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. In addition, he was appointed Secretary of State at the Ministry for Information. Despite that, a few months later he took refuge in Spain, saying that they wanted to assassinate him, and he earned his living between the press and politics.

?? In the 80s he was already receiving a “B” salary from the Spanish Popular Party (PP) to criticise the Governments of Spain and Equatorial Guinea. To do that, he declared that Equatorial Guinea was a “source of shame for Spain”, he asked for military pressure against Guinea; for the Spanish to intervene in the Equatoguinean Government, and remove the humanitarian aid that Equatorial Guinea received at that time, as during some periods the country was destitute.

?? In 1995 he was detained in Malabo for organising his first attempted State Coup. While in prison, his family said that he was being tortured, and the King of Spain and the Pope interceded on his behalf. After three days he appeared in the papers saying that he was very well, a privileged prisoner, and that everyone was exaggerating. The Spanish press began to see that he was a storyteller, and began to ignore him.

?? In 1997 he was detained in Angola on a boat full of arms, which were also destined for a State Coup.

?? In 2004 he took part in the world-renowned Simon Mann coup, financed by important international businessmen.

?? In 2005 he disappeared, reappeared in Croatia, and declared that he had escaped because the Spanish Government was trying to kill him. Later it was found to be another of his lies.

?? In 2008 he was detained in Spain for arms dealing, when attempting to send a boat filled with arms to Equatorial Guinea, and was sent to a Spanish prison for the crime.

Today, in Spain, where once Severo Moto continually filled the headlines, he is nobody. Neither the media nor the Spanish parties give him any time. Only a few continue to listen to this old dinosaur of lies; those who read and follow the nonsense he publishes on social media. However, this week we have once again seen that the craft of this old politician to mislead people remains intact, because many have allowed themselves to be seduced; among them, once again, the newspaper ABC.

For that reason, at the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea Press Department, we have prepared this extensive dossier which includes press cuttings from the long history of lies, inventions and coup attempt adventures of this shady figure, who has contributed towards darkening the history of our country, and intoxicating relations with the Spanish ex-colony. He has made accusations against natives and foreigners, and has placed at risk, for decades, the stability and security of our nation.

It is good to know the truth, in order to defend against liars and whosoever attacks the security and stability of a country. This is the real truth about this shady figure who, even in his deepest state of decline, continues to fight to do evil”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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