Resumption of first plenary session in Senate

The Senate plenary session sat to review the record of requests and queries from the First Ordinary Period of Sessions 2018, the contents of which contains the questions affecting senators and citizens. The Senate plenary session was led by its President, Teresa Efua Asangono.

The meeting of the plenary session began with a reading of the record of requests and queries drawn up on 22nd May 2018,m corresponding to the First Ordinary Period of sessions, delivered by the Second Secretary of the Table, Crispin Jaume Sangale Rondo.

The document brings together the concerns and requests from senators, together with problems affecting the population, such as the stigmatisation of those infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, taking into account that one of the responsibilities of parliament is to safeguard the common interests of citizens.

The record of requests and queries in question points out, among other things, the need to create territorial groups which will deal with raising issues from their respective areas for consideration by the Senate Table, as set out in Article 28.1 of the Senate Internal Regulations, which states that these territorial groups are responsible for looking at and determining broadly the programmes for their respective territories and the issues raised by their respective local corporations, in order to subsequently submit their reports to the Table to be dealt with by the Government, in the event; in addition to the monitoring of all programmes and projects executed by the Government in their territories; the presentation to the plenary session of programme initiatives that are aimed at promoting development in the country in general, and intervention in cases and in the manner established in regulations, in accordance with agreements adopted by the Senate Table.

Speaking about the recycling seminars for Senators, the President of the Senate stated that her wish was to see all Senators trained in questions relating to the bicameral system, and she recalled that during the first legislature several consultants had come to the country to deliver specific courses, in order to enrich their knowledge and strengthen their capabilities.

Another of the issues dealt with in the plenary session, which was attended by the First and Second Vice-Presidents, A´┐Żngel Serafin Seriche Dougan Malabo and Agustin Nze Nfumu, along with the Second Spokesperson, Melchor Esono Edjo, was in reference to the composition of the permanent commissions to be in charge of preliminary studies and analysis of documents submitted by the Chamber of Deputies to the Senate, to be given a second reading, and studies of the legislative initiatives from the Senate, the documents being read by the First Spokesperson of the Table, Atanasio Ela Ntugu Nsa.

With the plenary session coming to a close with some recommendations and suggestions, the various permanent commissions created to that effect will begin their work, in accordance with the schedule established for the second period of sessions.

Source: Senate Communication Office

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