CHICAGO, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Greeley and Hansen — a leading global engineering, architecture, and consulting firm in the water infrastructure sector — today announced the firm has elected John C. Robak as chairperson of the board of directors in addition to his role as CEO. Robak succeeds Andy Richardson, who has been chair since 2009 and who will now serve as chairman emeritus. Robak has been with Greeley and Hansen since 2003 and CEO since 2020. Richardson has served at Greeley and Hansen since 1978 and was CEO from 2007-2020.

John C. Robak elected new Chairman of the Board of Directors at Greeley and Hansen

With 30 years of professional experience, Robak leads all business affairs for the 20-office global firm, including international growth in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. He began at the firm as an executive vice president, was named a principal in 2009, and was promoted to president in 2013.

“John’s exceptional leadership capabilities and business acumen have served the firm well over the past two years as CEO. As we look to the future and the task of new projects that will come from the recently passed $55 billion water infrastructure deal in Washington, the board of directors and the principals of Greeley and Hansen are fortunate to have John steering the company’s direction as CEO and chair of our board,” said Andy Richardson, chairman emeritus, Greeley and Hansen.

A strong advocate for promoting U.S. technology and manufacturing globally, Robak was selected by former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to serve as an appointed member of the U.S. Department of Commerce Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC); was appointed by former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross to serve on the Illinois District Export Council; and served on Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s Transportation and Infrastructure Transition Team.

Greeley and HansenRobak has a passion for efforts that promote multiculturalism and inclusion as a business imperative in his company and in the community. He has been a long-time board member and is now chair of the board of directors of Chicago United, an advocacy organization that brings together diverse senior business leaders to promote multiracial leadership in business. Robak also is involved with many Chicago-based non-profit organizations and civic causes on the local, state, and national level.

Robak holds an MBA from Loyola University Chicago and a bachelor of science in business commerce from DePaul University. He has served as a long-time member of the Dean’s Advisory Council for the Driehaus College of International Business at DePaul University and has been active in promoting the university’s graduate program in Sustainable Urban Development.

About Greeley and Hansen
Greeley and Hansen is a leading global engineering, architecture, and consulting management firm solely dedicated to providing sustainable engineering solutions for a broad range of water and wastewater challenges. The firm has built upon over 105 years of proven civil and environmental engineering experience in all phases of project development and implementation to become a premier global provider of comprehensive services in the water sector. Greeley and Hansen is dedicated to designing better urban environments worldwide.

Contact:  Miguel Carbajal, 312-578-2427

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Innovation in Natural, Clean Ingredients Ushers in Sensegen

Beautiful biotechnology meets the science of good sense

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sensegen,  southern California’s new taste, smell, and beauty business, enters the ingredient market as the first 100% biotechnology-based solution provider serving these markets. Emerging as The Science of Good Sense™, Sensegen’s brand launch marks an 18-month incubation previously under the name Blue California Flavors and Fragrances.

“We’re charting our course in clean and sustainable taste, smell, and beauty in a new and exciting way,” said Kathy Oglesby, chief value creation officer. “Under one roof, perfumers, flavorists, biologists, and chemists are working together, inspired by nature, and disciplined by science.”

Collaborating in their modern and well-equipped Creative Center, the designers are market-focused on biotechnology-based ingredient solutions to design and customize clean-label collections. The Creative Center is full service and state-of-the-art in capability, housing flavor, fragrance, cosmetic, and personal care creation teams supported by analytical chemistry, applications development, and sensory science teams.

Taste, smell, and beauty brands are encouraged to peruse Sensegen’s new website to gain insight into Sensegen’s collections, provenance, philosophy, biobased technology, sensible ingredient innovation process, transparent business practices, and sustainability position.

“Sensegen is committed to supporting brands to meet consumers’ expectations of reducing the environmental footprint of their products and inspiring repeat purchases,” said Oglesby. “We are 100% focused on true-to-nature, sustainable, and clean ingredients made possible by biotechnology.”

Oglesby further states, “The beauty of biotech in ingredient creation is monumental. It is significantly more sustainable than agriculturally derived and petroleum-based ingredients.”

Consumers are seeking to buy clean and sustainable products, and they are expecting companies to change from synthetic to natural. In an Edelman Trust survey, consumers confirmed that they expect companies and business leaders to address and solve macro socio-environmental challenges. And in a 2020 World Economic Forum survey, it appears evident that many are willing to participate actively in building back a better world alongside the brands they choose. In responses from 21,000 people and 28 countries, the survey reported that 86% want to see more sustainable and equitable products in the post-pandemic market.

“Sensegen’s launch marks our commitment to The Way Forward™ – an evolving journey to reinvent natural taste, smell, and beauty solutions,” said Oglesby. “Always customer-focused, our disruptive and provocative business model is based on co-creation, transparency, and partnering to produce clean-label solutions that are easy on the planet.”

Disruptive innovations to date include plant-based musk – one of the fragrance industry’s favorite types of materials. Plantarome™ M  is the first biotech source of musk, a highly strategic option for the market with natural animal sources unethical to harvest and, plant sources too costly for mainstream use. Other musk offerings are synthetic, many of which have already been banned in major markets or are limited in concentration due to safety concerns.

The fermentation and bioconversion processes of innovation partner, Conagen, produce optically active molecules that are precisely what nature makes. “Our innovation partnership with Conagen, where there is a natural flow of creativity and intelligence between market and science, creates great value for us and for our customers,” said Oglesby. “And our market success and expansion into beauty demonstrates it.”

Another advantage of biotechnology-based ingredients is that they can sidestep wobbles in supply chains caused by poor weather, seasonality, and inconsistent plant harvest quality without resorting to synthetic substitutes.

Oglesby foresees, “What we created in 2021 with Conagen is a prelude to the great achievements that will be revealed in 2022.”

Sensegen’s new market focus is evolving into three pillars:

The extensive portfolio of true-to-nature liquid flavors will be expanded in 2022 to include powders and new delivery as the tonality excellence will be applied to other sweet flavors and plant-based offerings.

  • Smell (Air Care, Home Care, Fabric Care, Personal Care, and Fine Fragrance)

New captives form the basis for the growing collection of “the new naturals” for fragranced consumer products. Sensegen’s fragrances fill a white space for naturals in the fragrance market moving toward today’s synthetics in both variety and technical performance.

  • Beauty (Personal Care, Hair and Skin Care, and Cosmetics)

Coming soon is a line of clean, novel, proprietary offerings as well as natural and sustainable qualities of market favorites.

“We’re driving the pipeline of taste, smell, and beauty into the 21st century with the guidance of nature and science, driven by the ‘savoir faire’ of the fragrance, flavor, and cosmetic industries,” concluded Oglesby.

About Sensegen

Sensegen™, is the science of good sense. We’ve got nature down to a science.

As a division of Blue California Ingredients, our innovative taste, smell, and beauty creative center is dedicated solely to delivering plant-based, natural, and sustainable solutions. Our diverse team of experts collaborate with advanced bio-techniques and collaborate as a team to provide unique consumer-validated ingredients.

At Sensegen™, we’ve pioneered a way of formulating nature without compromise or harm; providing one-of-a-kind solutions for Taste, Smell, and Beauty.


Ana Arakelian, Head of Public Relations and Communications

Billups achète la plateforme SaaS Ads on Top afin d’accélérer les ambitions technologiques sur le marché de la publicité extérieure (OOH)

PORTLAND, Oregon, 15 février 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Billups, la plus grande entreprise privée de technologie de publicité extérieure et de services administrés aux États-Unis, a annoncé aujourd’hui avoir fait l’acquisition d’Ads on Top, le seul serveur publicitaire API-first et supply-side platform (SSP) conçu spécifiquement pour gérer les boucles publicitaires et la publicité extérieure numérique (DOOH) programmatique.

Switchboard, le produit phare d’Ads on Top, est un serveur publicitaire DOOH, une SSP et une plateforme de gestion de campagne de premier ordre. Switchboard fonctionne avec presque tous les lecteurs multimédias et systèmes de gestion de contenu (CMS) et peut être intégré dans les opérations existantes grâce à des API performantes.

Créée en 2016, Ads on Top diffusait à l’origine des publicités sur le toit de voitures à New York, Los Angeles et Philadelphie. Ce travail a abouti à la création de la plus grande plateforme de gestion DOOH permettant d’optimiser les schémas de programmation classiques axés sur les boucles publicitaires, ainsi que les commandes programmatiques régies par des règles, tant sur les écrans mobiles que fixes. Depuis lors, la startup a diffusé des milliards de publicités sur des dizaines de milliers d’écrans aux États-Unis et au Canada.

« Nous sommes très heureux de faire partie de l’équipe Billups, car nous pouvons accélérer le développement et la distribution de la meilleure technologie sur l’ensemble du secteur de la publicité extérieure numérique », a déclaré David Pal, PDG et cofondateur d’Ads on Top.

« En associant les vastes solutions de services administrés et d’attribution de données de Billups à notre expertise dans les technologies programmatiques et numériques, nous pouvons fournir une vision et une offre de produits uniques aux publicitaires, aux agences et aux propriétaires de médias », a expliqué Rishabh Jain, cofondateur d’Ads on Top.

« Notre acquisition d’Ads on Top marque une étape importante pour Billups en ce qui concerne la réalisation des meilleurs produits et services pour nos clients, a souligné Benjamin Billups, cofondateur de Billups. Le marché de la publicité extérieure numérique programmatique connaît une croissance extraordinaire. Je suis très enthousiaste à l’idée de réunir nos technologies brevetées, nos sciences des données et nos expériences des plateformes afin d’automatiser et de diffuser la publicité extérieure de manière inédite. »

Rob MacMillan et David Tolliver de Castlewood Advisors ont représenté exclusivement Ads on Top dans le cadre de la vente de l’entreprise.

À propos de Billups
Billups révolutionne l’expérience médiatique de la publicité extérieure (OOH). En alliant l’art et la science à une technologie de pointe, nous sommes en tête de l’industrie en matière de ciblage scientifique, de mesure précise pour la publicité en extérieur et d’un moteur de recommandation novateur alimenté par l’intelligence artificielle. Créée en 2003, Billups aide les grandes marques mondiales à naviguer et à optimiser leur investissement dans la publicité en extérieur. Pour en savoir plus, consultez

Contact presse
Jeff Jan
Responsable de la croissance

Billups Buys SaaS Platform Ads on Top to Accelerate Technology Ambitions in Out-of-Home (OOH) Marketplace

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Billups Buys SaaS Platform Ads on Top to Accelerate Technology Ambitions in Out-of-Home (OOH) Marketplace

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Billups, the largest privately held out-of-home technology and managed services company in the U.S., today announced it has acquired Ads on Top, the only API-first ad server and supply-side platform (SSP) built specifically to handle loops and programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH).

Ads on Top’s flagship product, Switchboard, is a premier DOOH ad server, SSP and campaign management platform. Switchboard works with nearly any media player and content management system (CMS) and can be embedded into existing operations through robust APIs.

Founded in 2016, Ads on Top originally serviced car top advertising in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. This work culminated in the creation of the ultimate DOOH management platform to optimize traditional, loop-based scheduling plans alongside rules-based programmatic ordering on both moving and stationary screens. Since then, the startup has delivered billions of ads to tens of thousands of screens across the U.S. and Canada.

“We’re beyond thrilled to become a part of the Billups team, where we can accelerate the development and distribution of best-in-class technology to the entire digital out-of-home industry,” said David Pal, CEO and Co-founder of Ads on Top.

“By integrating Billups’ extensive managed services and data attribution worlds with our expertise in programmatic and digital technologies, we can provide a unique perspective and product offering to advertisers, agencies and media owners,” said Rishabh Jain, Co-founder of Ads on Top.

“Our acquisition of Ads on Top marks a huge Billups milestone in delivering the most amazing products and services for our clients,” said Benjamin Billups, Co-founder of Billups. “The programmatic digital out-of-home marketplace is experiencing extraordinary growth. I couldn’t be more ecstatic to unify our patented technologies, data sciences and platform experiences to automate and measure out-of-home in ways never done before.”

Rob MacMillan and David Tolliver of Castlewood Advisors exclusively represented Ads on Top in the sale of the business.

About Billups
Billups is revolutionizing the out-of-home media experience. Blending art and science with advanced technology, we lead the industry with scientific targeting, accurate out-of-home measurement and an innovative AI-powered recommendation engine. Founded in 2003, Billups helps the world’s leading brands navigate and optimize their out-of-home investment. Learn more at

Media Contact
Jeff Jan
Head of Growth

Billups Buys SaaS Platform Ads on Top to Accelerate Technology Ambitions in Out-of-Home (OOH) Marketplace

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Casio to Release PRO TREK with Bio-Mass Plastics

TOKYO, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the latest addition to the PRO TREK line of outdoor watches. The new PRW-61 is the first Casio watch to be made with biomass plastics sourced from renewable organic substances.


Produced from regenerable resources, biomass plastics are attracting attention as a material that can help reduce environmental impact by curbing CO2 emissions.

For the first time in any Casio watch, the PRW-61 uses biomass plastics in the case, band, and case back. The environmentally friendly biomass plastics are produced using materials derived from castor seeds and corn, as well as other raw materials. Casio is proud of this new material application for its line of outdoor tools, PRO TREK, for nature lovers.

Delivering on outdoor utility, the model is equipped with Triple Sensor (digital compass, barometer/altimeter, and thermometer), as well as Multi-Band 6 radio wave reception from 6 transmission stations around the world, and Tough Solar to provide stable power for these functions and more. For optimum readability, the design features thick bar indexes to check time, direction, and other indicators at a glance, as well as slits on the band above and below the dial that serve as guides to quickly read the compass direction indicated by the second hand.

PRW-61Y-3, PRW-61Y-1B and PRW-61-1A

As part of its focus on the Sustainable Development Goals, Casio is pursuing a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, including a shift from plastic to recycled paper in packaging for the PRW-61. Moving forward, Casio will also contribute to efforts to build a circular economy by expanding its use of sustainable materials in the design of other watch models, as well.

Model Color
PRW-61Y-3 Khaki × Black
PRW-61Y-1B Black × Black
PRW-61-1A Black × Silver
biomass plastics

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Casio utilise des plastiques issus de la biomasse pour sa nouvelle PRO TREK

TOKYO, 15 février 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. a annoncé aujourd’hui la dernière nouveauté de sa gamme de montres pour activités de plein air PRO TREK. La nouvelle PRW-61 est la première montre Casio fabriquée à partir de matières plastiques de biomasse provenant de substances organiques renouvelables.


Produits à partir de ressources régénérables, les plastiques issus de la biomasse attirent l’attention en tant que matériau pouvant contribuer à réduire l’impact environnemental en réduisant les émissions de CO2.

Pour la première fois dans une montre Casio, la PRW-61 est fabriquée avec des plastiques de biomasse pour le boîtier, la bande et le fond de boîtier. Les plastiques de biomasse respectueux de l’environnement sont produits à partir de matériaux dérivés de graines de ricin et de maïs, ainsi que d’autres matières premières. Casio est fier de cette nouvelle application matérielle pour sa gamme de produits pour extérieur et pour les amoureux de la nature, PRO TREK.

Pensé pour l’extérieur, le modèle est équipé d’un triple capteur (boussole numérique, baromètre/altimètre et thermomètre), ainsi que de la réception d’ondes radio Multi-Bande 6 provenant de 6 stations de transmission à travers le monde, et d’un fonctionnement solaire Tough Solar pour fournir une alimentation stable pour ces fonctions et plus encore. Pour une lisibilité optimale, la conception comporte des index à barres épaisses pour vérifier en un coup d’œil l’heure, la direction et d’autres indicateurs, ainsi que des fentes sur la bande au-dessus et au-dessous du cadran qui servent de guides pour lire rapidement la direction de la boussole indiquée par la deuxième aiguille.

PRW-61Y-3, PRW-61Y-1B and PRW-61-1A

Dans le cadre de ses objectifs de développement durable, Casio poursuit un certain nombre d’initiatives respectueuses de l’environnement, notamment la transition du plastique au papier recyclé pour l’emballage de la PRW-61. À l’avenir, Casio contribuera également aux efforts visant à construire une économie circulaire en développant son utilisation de matériaux durables dans la conception d’autres modèles de montres.

Modèle Couleur
PRW-61Y-3 Noir et kaki
PRW-61Y-1B Noir
PRW-61-1A Argent et noir
 biomass plastics

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Brazil v Argentina World Cup qualifier to be replayed after Sao Paulo farce

Zürich, The World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina in September that was suspended just minutes after kickoff when health officials ran onto the pitch must be replayed, world governing body FIFA said.

The match at the NeoQuimica Arena in Sao Paulo was halted in farcical fashion after five minutes when Brazilian health officials invaded the pitch to stop Argentina’s England-based players, who they accused of breaching the country’s COVID-19 quarantine rules, from playing, Reuters reports.

The officials claimed the Argentines had breached Brazilian rules stating travellers who had been in the UK, South Africa or India during the previous two weeks were forbidden from entering the country unless they were Brazilian citizens or had permanent residency.

The officials claimed the players had misled border officials by declaring they had not been in a red list country during the 14 days before the game.

Argentine officials said they believed the same protocols used in the Copa America in Brazil in June were in place for the World Cup qualifiers to allow teams to travel across the continent. CONMEBOL confirmed that interpretation.

“After a thorough investigation of the various factual elements and in light of the applicable regulations, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has decided that the match should be replayed on a date and at a location to be decided by FIFA,” it said in a statement.

“In addition, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has concluded that the abandonment of the match stemmed from several deficiencies of the parties involved.”

The four England-based players, Emiliano Buendia, Emiliano Martinez, Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian Romero, were each banned for two international matches by FIFA’s disciplinary committee for failing to comply with the world governing body’s COVID-19 protocols.

FIFA also fined the Brazilian and Argentine football associations 500,000 Swiss francs ($540,000) and 200,000 Swiss francs, respectively, for their failure to ensure “order and safety”.

The Argentine Football Association said it would appeal the decision.

The FA said “the decision does not align with the facts” and asked FIFA to provide their legal grounds for the decision so it can prepare the appeal.

Both nations have already qualified unbeaten for Qatar, with Brazil top of the South American qualifying group, four points ahead of Argentina. Both teams have three games to play.

The last scheduled round of qualifying games takes place in late March.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

Madagascar Braces For Another Cyclone: UN

UNITED NATIONS, Madagascar braces for another tropical storm, only 10 days after Cyclone Batsirai killed at least 121 people, a UN spokesman said, yesterday.

Tropical Cyclone Dumako, is on track to hit the country’s north-east today, said Stephane Dujarric, the chief spokesman for UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

Cyclone Batsirai hit Madagascar’s south-east the Feb 5 weekend, displacing 29,000 people and destroying, flooding or damaging almost 19,000 homes.

“Health teams have been deployed to affected areas, where they are working in collaboration with the government, to scale up the response,” Dujarric said. “Food partners are providing both cash assistance and in-kind food assistance.”

When food markets are not working, there is not enough local food available, or victims cannot access markets, in-kind food assistance frequently is distributed.

Dujarric said, the World Food Programme distributed unconditional cash transfers, to help impacted families for the next three months. The UNs’ health partners have also supported the resumption of health services and rehabilitate cyclone-damaged medical facilities.

“Our friends at UNICEF (the UN Children’s Fund) have provided medicine for the treatment of nearly 50,000 cases of Malaria, and are also supporting the repair of cold chains for vaccines and essential medicine,” Dujarric said.

Source: Nam News Network